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American Council on Exercise
certified personal trainer

Model – Jybtransman

TV star

“I’ve been trying to overcome nature ever since I can remember.  Nature defined me physically as a woman, but my heart was a man.  Nature gave me strength as a womaan but I was the person who gave myself strength to become a man. If you have your heart set on something why can’t you do it?”

“I set the goal to seriously transform myself.  I started studying sports science and various fields for myself and then my trainees for more than 7 years.  I experienced that we have the ability but often lack the drive and the knowledge to succeed.  This is why we created this course and website to help people be healthy, get fit sustainably and achieve their goals. 


My name is FIRST I am an investor and business owner


“When I was young, I was only 45kg, so I never thought I’d get fat. I enjoyed eating good food and traveling to great places. I loved to drink, party and socialize with friends. I always ate dessert and could drink three cups of bubble tea or green tea with “

"In 2017, I fell deeply in love with a woman who wanted me to lose weight. At first, it was so difficult as I had built up bad habits for almost 20 years. I had six months to transform my body and I didn’t know whether I could do it or not."

“I didn’t buy a supplement course or use a personal trainer. Instead, I did my own research about nutrition, fitness and fat loss. I focused on improving my diet and taking exercise more seriously. In six months, I lost almost 16kg. Now, I consistently weigh around 53kg and stick to my diet and fitness routine.”

There is nothing as difficult as fighting yourself but anything can be accomplished with
the right determination and effort. We will give you the knowledge and motivation you
need to reach your goals and achieve your dreams!

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