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Set the right goals and achieve them!

We all have goals for ourselves. Some of these are small (such as “I want to lose 1kg before the wedding,”), some big (e.g. “I want to become a full-time published author,”) and some are in between (e.g. “I want to get a six pack,”).  

Achieving goals can greatly improve our lives. Not only will you gain the benefit of reaching the goal (e.g. being slimmer by losing weight) you will gain added value from other factors, such as increased health, wealth or happiness. You will also develop positive habits, greater confidence, more willpower etc.

You may have heard of SMART goals, but they don’t really tell us the whole story. Once you have set goals, how do you actually achieve them? Our STARR goal setting method will help you to set the right goals, achieve them, and most importantly, make lasting and significant changes to your life.

The STARR Goal Setting Method

Goal setting is not easy, but remember why you are doing it. Setting and achieving goals can transform your life and make your dreams reality.

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Step One: ‘S’ – Start Big. What’s your ‘why’?

Step Two: ‘T’ – Targets & Goal

Step Three: ‘A’ – Analyse yourself and your environment

Step Four: ‘R’ – Research to develop knowledge, techniques & strategies

Step Five: ‘R’ – Review / Evaluate your targets, goals and progress

A final thought…

Not everyone reaches their dream, but you can. Even if, in the end, you don’t quite reach your dream, think of all of the great changes you can still achieve by trying!

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