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Limited time price: 999฿

You pay once and get unlimited access to our course, including all the fat loss, muscle gain and lifestyle, videos and booklets.

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Why join our course?

  1. LOOK GREAT – lose fat, gain muscle or look toned to get your ideal body image.
  2. FEEL GREAT – be healthier and fitter by improving your diet and being more active.
  3. BE GREAT – be happier, improve your mental health and have a more positive lifestyle. Many courses only focus on diet and/or exercise, but to be successful you also need to consider your lifestyle and mental well-being.
  4. SUSTAINABLE & FLEXIBLE – our diet, exercise and lifestyle advice focuses on making long term changes which are designed to fit with your lifestyle. Many courses or trainers only focus on making changes for a few weeks or months and require you to make many strict changes that are difficult to follow or not possible with your lifestyle. This is why many people stop dieting after a few weeks or months and then they regain fat and stop gaining muscle.
  5. AFFORDABLE – there is no weekly or monthly subscription, just a one time fee and then you have unlimited access to all our videos and resources.

Our course was designed by Qualified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise Certified), Transman model and TV-star Jyb (@jybppd).

What do you get when you join?

For a one-time fee, you get unlimited access to:

  • Fat loss videos to learn about nutrition basics, how to lose fat and what you need for a healthy fat loss diet
  • A fat loss diet plan with advice to follow and healthy food lists
  • Muscle gain plans with easy to follow routines that you can do at home or at the gym. They include information to learn about the principles of gaining muscle and videos that show you how to do the exercises
  • HIIT videos to help you lose fat and gain muscle
  • Lifestyle videos about goals, habits, willpower, happiness and positive thinking and more, as well as activities, to help you reach your goals and improve your mental well-being
  • Membership to the Dolaelife Community Facebook group where you can share with like-minded people and ask questions

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone that wants to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle – so pretty much everyone! The course is for you if:
  • You want a diet that fits with your lifestyle and that you can follow in the long term
  • You have tried dieting before but found it difficult to stick to or stopped dieting and regained your weight again
  • You want to learn how to gain muscle and/or look toned
  • You go to the gym, or have been to the gym, but couldn’t gain much muscle
  • You want to make lasting and sustainable changes to your body, health and lifestyle
  • You want to have a more active and positive lifestyle
  • You want to feel happier and more positive
  • You are interested in learning more about nutrition, physiology (muscle gain) and psychology (self-improvement and wellness)

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